The History of Save Our Future

Charlotte Austin-Jordan created Save Our Future, a non-profit, community-based organization, after two of her children were mistakenly murdered by gang violence on the streets of Los Angeles. In response to the increasing amount of crime in today’s inner-cities, Charlotte has dedicated her life to the reduction and prevention of youth violence in the Los Angeles community.



As a single mother to Ja’Mee, Corey and Derris, in addition to being a foster parent to two other children, Charlotte was increasingly concerned about the gangs and rampant violence in her Los Angeles neighborhood. Not content in watching the destruction of her neighborhood, Charlotte became involved with a variety of organizations designed to better the community, such as the Youth Gang Service and the Cornerstone Institutional Baptist Church, where she organized family-oriented events.

In 1988, while traveling to the grocery store, her thirteen year-old daughter Ja’Mee was gunned down by gang members.



Beloved Ja’Mee

Six years later, tragedy struck again ---  when on his way home from work, her son Corey was gunned down because the colors of his work uniform matched those of a rival gang. Corey’s death left his three young sons fatherless.


Beloved Corey with two of his precious sons

Heartbroken by the tragic loss of two of her children and frustrated by the deteriorating conditions of her community, Charlotte created Save Our Future, an organization aimed at curbing crime and violence by concentrating on prevention, rather than punishment.


The SOF South Broadway Site

Save Our Future has four strategic and innovative projects; Save Our Future’s After School Enrichment/Tutoring Program, Save Our Future Food Program, Pre-Employment Life Skills Training and Mental Health Counseling, each in honor of Charlotte’s lost children.


Ja’Mee and Coreyy

Incorporating well established programs and workshops, all projects focusing educational attention on the rehabilitation of at-risk youth and ex-offenders, giving young people alternative choices from a life of crime.

Charlotte’s determination and efforts to make Los Angeles a safer and better city have received national attention and are whole-heartedly supported by former Governor Pete Wilson and former President Bill Clinton. Charlotte was appointed by Governor Wilson to the Board of Directors for the California State Advisory Group on Criminal Justice Planning and is an active participant in legislating against criminal violence. She has served on the Violence Prevention Coalition of Greater Los Angeles, Fresh Start Planning Committee and Board of Directors for The Doris Tate Crime Victims Bureau, a watchdog committee for victim’s rights. She is also on the Board of Directors for Crime Victim’s United, which monitors the status of convicted felons and engages in campaigns to inform victims and the community at-large about upcoming parole dates for dangerous criminals.

Charlotte is happily married to Ken Jordan today and continues, with his loving help and support, her commitment to making Los Angeles a better and safer place in which to live.


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