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Save Our Future currently enrolls approximately 250 young students. We believe in educating the WHOLE child. Along with a traditional high school curriculum, we work with each young leader on problem-solving skills, nurturing creativity and gaining respect for self and others, all in a warm caring, friendly and safe atmosphere.

  • The goals set forth at Save Our Future High School are as follows:
  • To develop a positive self-concept and attitude towards learning and self-modulation.
  • To encourage a sense of belonging, curiosity about the world and confidence as a learner.
  • To develop relationships of mutual respect and trust with peers and adults.
  • To encourage an understanding and respect of social and cultural diversity.
  • Tp impart the vital life skill of effective communication
  • To offer a means towards gaining the skills to obtain a high school diploma.


As educators, we strongly believe that it is not just our duty to teach, but also to involve and assist the parents, family and community. We realize that it takes a village to raise a child. To that end, we offer the following additional programs:

Additional After-School Programs



A comprehensive, multi-faceted enrichment program for 14-18 year-old teenagers encourages the constructive use of out-of-school time. Includes intensive tutoring, mentoring, computer training and sportsmanship.

    •             The Mother-Daughter Program



An intensive Mother-Daughter program that brings togeher the women of our community and instructs them on matters of communication, self-respect and understanding about the community in which we all share. Involves guest speakers, field trips and a variety of on-site activities to encourage a sense of sisterhood.

    Food Program


We offer nutritious food to families and individuals in need from our Emergency Food Shelter.

    Mental Health Program



Licensed professionals assist our youth and their families with prevention and intervention.We deal with issues such as domestic abuse, over-the-counter substance abuse, illegal drug abuse, alcohol abuse, personal challenges and mental and physical issues.


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